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Lesson 7 Review





Number a piece of paper from 1 to 12.

Translate the following into Japanese:

[1] I won't go to school.
[2] I will go to the park.
[3] Will you go to the store tomorrow?
[4] Will you come to my house?

[5] Will you listen to music tonight?
[6] I'll eat an apple tomorrow.

Translate the following into English:

[7] あした、こうえんへ いきません。
[8] きむさんの パーティに いきます か。
[9] はい、いきます。
[10] どこへ いきます か。

[11] こんや、ほんを よみません。
[12] あした、あなたの ねこは りんごを たべます か。


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