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Lesson 9: I want to drink cola.

In this lesson, you will learn how to tell someone that you want to do something. Recall that present tense verbs have the -ます ending. In order to change these to the 'want to' ending, drop the -ます and replace it with -たい.


ます form English たい form English
たべます to eat たべたい want to eat
のみます to drink のみたい want to drink
to go いきたい want to go
to buy かいたい want to buy
よみます to read よみたい want to read
かきます to write かきたい want to write
みます to watch/see みたい want to watch/see
ききます to listen/hear ききたい want to listen/hear

こうえんに いきます。
こうえんに いきたい。

がっこうに いきます。
がっこうに いきたい。

I will go to the park.
I want to go to the park.

I go to school.
I want to go to school.

Now for one more twist. When you use たい with verbs that take を, you can also change the を to が for emphasis if you want.


りんごを たべます。
りんごを たべたい。
りんごが たべたい。

I eat apples.
I want to eat an apple.

I want to eat an apple.
In the above example, the second sentence just means that you want to eat apples. The third sentence means that you want to eat apples as opposed to something else. It's not really that important of a difference so you can stick with just を if you're more comfortable with it.

Lesson 9 Vocabulary

-ます positive present/future verb tense
-たい 'want to' verb ending
てがみ letter
ほん book
こうえん park
がっこう school
コーラ cola
object marker particle

particle meaning 'to'
emphatic object marker
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