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Lesson 19: I read at the library.

This lesson builds on what we've learned about the particle で. Recall from Lesson 13 that で is a particle that can be used as "by means of", "at" or "in" depending on the situation. In Lesson 13 we used it like this: ばすでこうえんへいきます。 I'll go to the park by bus. Now we will study the 'at' function.

で can be used to show where an action takes place. For example, if you wanted to say 'I study in my room.' you would use で to show that you do the action of studying in your room.


in/at the park.
in/at the pool
としょかんで in/at the library
うちで at home
えいがかんで in/at the movie theater

From there you should be able to make whole sentences indicating where you do things.


I play tennis at the park.
I study in my room.
としょかんでほんをよみます。 I read books at the library.
わたしのうちでしゅくだいをしましょう。 Let's do homework at my house.
えいがかんでえいがをみます。 I watch movies at the movie theater.

Careful! Recall from Lesson 12 that indicating where something is does not use で. This case always uses に. Don't use で with あります or います.

The meeting is at the library.
ねこはわたしのへやにいます。 The cat is in my room.

Lesson 19 Vocabulary:

としょかん library
かいぎ meeting
うち house
プール swimming pool
えいがかん movie theater
テニスをします play tennis
particle indicating a location where an action takes place
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