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Buddhist temples can be found everywhere in Japan. Almost all communities have at least one small temple like this one. This temple is actually across the street from a supermarket.

One of the distinctive features of many temples is their elaborate gates. These should not be confused with the bright red-orange torii gates of Shinto shrines.

This is one of the most famous temples in Japan: Kinkaku-ji. The temple is actually plated in gold. It is only one of the numerous temples to be found in Kyoto.

The ji in Kinkaku-ji means temple. It is one of the three ways to name temples in Japanese. The other endings meaning temple are tera (or dera) and in.

Some temples have various features that their patrons can use for praying for good fortune. This is one such place at the famous Kiyomizu-dera (Pure Water Temple) in Kyoto. There are three streams of water that form the Otowa-no-taki. The streams represent longevity, health, and study, respectively. You can pick one stream and drink from it for luck in that area. (In this picture, the stream furthest back is longevity, the middle one is health, and the closest one is pursuit of knowledge.)

Good luck charms (omamori) of various sorts are also sold at many temples.

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