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Cherry Blossom Viewing

The tree visible in the foreground of this picture is a sakura (cherry blossom) tree. Each spring the blooming of these trees is an important event in Japan. People will venture all over the country to find the prettiest blossoms.

Cherry blossom viewing parties are also held at night. Here the trees have been lit up with pink lanterns to enhance the petals' color. Even young people will come out and have drinking parties sitting on blankets under the trees.

In this picture they cover the ground like snow. Sometimes, the wind will blow the petals as they fall giving the appearance of a blizzard. This is known as hanafubuki (flower snowstorm).

The cherry blossoms tend to start blooming in late March. They start blooming in the south of the country and work their way northward. The blossoms only last for a few weeks in any place. By mid May all the light pink petals are replaced by little green leaves.

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