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A Japanese Apartment

This is a genkan in a Japanese apartment. The genkan is the entryway around the door where the shoes are kept. Shoes are not worn indoors in order to keep the floor clean. Also, wearing shoes on traditional tatami mats will damage the mats.

Shoes are traditionally placed facing the door so that guests will have an easy time stepping into their shoes as they leave.

This is a bathroom in a Japanese apartment. Notice that the whole room is like a shower. The room is designed so that one can wash outside of the bath, then climb into the tub for a nice hot soak.

Note also that the toilet is in a separate room.

This is a bathtub. Note that it is very deep, but not very long. The bath is designed for sitting in.

It is traditional for the entire family to take a bath with the same bath water. Therefore, the bath is equipped with a cover, to keep the water hot between people.

This is a gas range. The range also has a broiler, but there is no oven to speak of. Most people have toaster ovens instead of 'conventional' ovens. Traditional Japanese cooking, however, does not require an oven.
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