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Lesson 4 Review

Number a piece of paper from 1 to 15.

Translate the following into Japanese:

[1] What is this?
[2] Is that person over there French?

[3] Where is my book?
[4] Is it this book?
[5] No, it's not that book.
[6] It's here.

[7] That pencil is mine.
[8] What is that?
[9] What's that over there?

Translate the following into English:

[10] はい、わたしの えんぴつ です。
[11] この いぬの なまえは なん です か。
[12] アメリカじん です。
[13] あの ひとは だれ です か。
[14] さや です。

[15] この ほんは だれの です か。

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