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Lesson 12 Review
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Fill out the following table.

English Japanese


back, behind  
next to, along side  
top, above  
bottom, under  
inside, middle  
between, interval  
next door, neighboring  
  hidari gawa
right side  


Number a piece of paper from 1 to 10.

Translate the following into Japanese:

[1] The cat is under the car.
[2] My bag is at the park.
[3] Your cat is on my bag.
[4] My apple is next to your cola.
[5] Ken's letter is in your book.

Translate the following into English:

[6] Watashi no zasshi wa doko ni arimasu ka.
[7] Zasshi wa sofa no shita ni arimasu.
[8] Inu wa doko ni imasu ka.
[9] Inu wa terebi no ushiro ni imasu.
[10] Tegami wa hon no yoko ni arimasu.


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