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Lesson 11 Review Answers
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Fill in the following table:

Plain Present
"Let's" Form
to eat tabemasu tabemashou
to drink nomimasu nomimashou
to read yomimasu yomimashou
to write kakimasu kakimashou
to go ikimasu ikimashou
to watch/see/look mimasu mimashou
to listen kikimasu kikimashou
to buy kaimasu kaimashou

[1] Ashita, tegami o kakimashou. / Tegami o ashita kakimashou.
[2] Ringo o tabemashou.
[3] Koora o nomimashou ka.
[4] Eiga o mimashou.
[5] Kono zasshi o kaimasen ka.

[6] Let's buy a cat the day after tomorrow.
[7] Won't you come to the park?
[8] Shall we listen to (some) music?.
[9] I want to go to university.
[10] Let's do (the) homework.

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