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Food Vocabulary Review

Number a piece of paper from 1 to 10 three times.  Write your answers down, then check them at the bottom of this page.
(If you need help with the grammar see
Lesson 1 and Lesson 2.)

Match the food to its Japanese name :

[1] strawberry
[3] carrot
[4] bread
[5] salt
[6] meat
[7] cucumber
[8] potato
[9] peach
[10] beans
[A] pan
[B] shio
[C] ichigo
[D] niku
[E] momo
[F] kyuuri
[G] mame
[H] suika
[I] ninjin
[J] jagaimo

Translate the following into English:
(Oishii is an adjective that means tasty.)

[1] Oishii nashi desu.
[2] Hai, watashi no orenji desu.
[3] Nasu desu ka.
[4] Ichijiku janai desu.
[5] Oishii miruku desu.
[6] Ichiro-san no tamanegi desu.
[7] Tamago desu ka.
[8] Tomato dewa arimasen.
[9] Ocha desu.
[10] Michiko-san no ringo desu ka.

Translate the following into Japanese:

[1] Is it a fruit?
[2] It's not a vegetable.
[3] Yes, it's meat.
[4] Are they grapes?
[5] They're my cherries.
[6] It's tasty ham.
[7] It's not soysauce.
[8] No, it's pork.
[9] It's Hashiko's pumpkin.
[10] Is it a tasty fish?

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