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English Japanese
(polite) family gokazoku
family kazoku
(polite) mother okaasan
mother haha
(polite) father otousan
father chichi
(polite) older sister oneesan
older sister ane
(polite) older brother oniisan
older brother ani
(polite) younger sister imoutosan
younger sister imouto
(polite) younger brother otoutosan
younger brother otouto
daughter musume
son musuko
aunt obasan
uncle ojisan
niece meisan
nephew oisan
cousin itoko
grandmother obaasan
grandfather ojiisan
granchild mago
siblings kyoudai
Notice that the first set of words has both a polite and a regular form. (The polite form is marked with (polite).) The polite form should be used when referring to others' families or when speaking to people in your own family. The other form should be used when referring to your family to members outside your family.
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