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Sake is the general name for any alcoholic drink.  (Beer, wine, hard liquor, etc.) It usually receives the honorific 'o' making it osake. Japanese rice wine is more properly known as nihonshu.

You can have sake/nihonshu served at different temperatures depending on how you like it. 

cold hiya
luke warm hitohada
hot atsukan

beer biiru
bottled bin-iri
draft beer nama biiru
dark beer kuro biiru
large beer mug dai jokki
medium beer mug chuu jokki

Spirits and Liqueurs
brandy burandee
whisky uisukii
gin jin
gin and tonic jin tonniku
rum ramu shu
sherry sherii
vermouth berumotto
vodka wokka
straight sutoreeto
on the rocks onzarokku / rokku
with water mizuwari
with soda water uisukii sooda
single shinguru
double daburu
a glass gurasu ippai
a bottle bin ippon

red wine  aka wain
white wine shiro wain
blush wine roze
chilled  hieta
at room temperature  shitsuon no
sparkling supaakuringu
dry dorai / karakuchi

Other Drinking Vocabulary
kanpai - Kanpai is the term used for cheers at the end of a Japanese toast. On formal occasions make sure to remember to wait for the kanpai before drinking or eating anything.
nomikai - Nomikai are drinking parties. Most offices have nomikai. Most of the staff will get together and have a party with drinks and food. There is usually a set price per person for the party. The first party is often followed by a second party that can last into the wee hours of the morning. Either of these parties may involve karaoke. At a nomikai, always remember to fill other people's drinks before they finish, but never fill your own. Make sure to read the note about kanpai above.
daikou - A daiko is a special kind of taxi service. The blood alcohol tolerance for driving in Japan is 0%. If your breath smells like alcohol you can be arrested for drunk driving. Many taxi companies therefore offer daiko. This is one car with two drivers. One driver drives your car, with you, and the other follows behind.
otsumami - These are snacks that go with alcohol. Popular snacks to go with alcohol include edamame (soy beans) and pickled vegetables.

karakuchi - 'dry' alcohol

nomihoudai - all you can drink
tabehoudai - all you can eat
shouchuu - Shouchuu is a stronger clear liquor that is usually made by distilling sweet potatoes, rice, barley or buckwheat. It can exceed 40% alcohol but usually It can be drunk on the rocks, watered down, or as chuuhai.
chuuhai - Chuuhai are cocktail drinks consisting of shouchuu mixed with various things. Mixers can include soda water, fruit juice, and ume-boshi (pickled plum). You can also buy canned chuuhai.
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