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English Romaji Kanji Kana
bee hachi はち
bug mushi むし
caterpiller kemushi 毛虫 けむし
cicada semi せみ
cockroach gokiburi   ごきぶり
cricket koorogi   こおろぎ
dragonfly tonbo   とんぼ
fly hae   はえ
grasshopper batta 飛蝗 ばった
insects konchuu 昆虫 こんちゅう
Japanese beetle kabutomushi カブト虫 かぶとむし
locust inago   いなご
mosquito ka
spider kumo   くも
praying mantis kamakiri 蟷螂 かまきり
Only the animals that are commonly written in kanji have been given their kanji on this page. Bug kanji are considered particularly difficult and so the names are often written in katakana instead of kanji or hiragana.
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