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Body Vocabulary Review

This page reviews a number of the animals from the Body Vocabulary page.

Number a piece of paper from 1 to 10 three times.  Write your answers down, then check them at the bottom of this page. (If you need help with the grammar see Lesson 1.)

Match the body part to its Japanese name :

[1] body
[2] brain
[3] bone
[4] back
[5] finger
[6] face
[7] arm
[8] hand
[9] leg
[10] heart
[A] ashi
[B] shinzou
[C] senaka
[D] yubi
[E] kao
[F] te
[G] hone
[H] ude
[I] karada
[J] nou

Translate the following into English:
(~ ga itai desu means "My ~ hurts.")

[1] Onaka ga itai desu.
[2] Nodo ga itai desu.
[3] Chi desu.
[4] Ha ga itai desu.
[5] Chou desu ka.
[6] Mimi ga itai desu ka.
[7] Jinzou dewa arimasen.
[8] Me ga itai desu.
[9] Kanzou desu ka.
[10] Boukou janai desu.

Translate the following into Japanese:

[1] My head hurts.
[2] It's muscle.
[3] Is it hair?
[4] They are teeth.
[5] My knees hurt.
[6] My elbows hurt.
[7] Is it an eyelash?
[8] My chin hurts.
[9] My nose hurts.
[10] My shoulder hurts.

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